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Northwestern University
Data Center Upgrades

  • SectorMEP Infrastructure Upgrades
  • LocationEvanston, IL
  • Size19,000 SF

This project included various upgrades to Northwestern University's existing 19,000 SF data center in Evanston, IL. DW Hammer installed (14) new cabinets, re-routed existing conduit, pulled new feeders, installed new breakers, installed (8) new overhead 400-AMP busway systems, re-worked power distribution within (40) existing cabinets & converted existing power distribution from A-system to B-system to allow for a fully redundant 2N UPS distribution. The Team also relocated the existing mechanical unit to create space for expansion, extended the cold-aisle containment rows, and modified existing chilled water piping. We completed the primary injection testing on all new breakers, load banked-tested the all new busway system, and commissioned all new and reworked mechanical & electrical systems. DW Hammer addressed existing power distribution issues due to detailed MOP’s, had close coordination with IT/Facilities SOP’s, and visually walked every step of both MOP’s and SOP’s prior to execution of the project. Electrical Feeder costs were reduced by 30% by pre-mapping out all conduit-runs that allowed for reuse of existing conduit-runs.