Infrastructure Renovation

Elevator Modernization, 77 West Wacker

Project Description

The 77 West Wacker Project consists of the scope being divided into three projects;

 The modernization of 19 Passenger Cabs, 1 Freight, 4 Shuffle Elevators with integration of destination dispatch; put in all new custom LED Blade Floor Indicators.

 Installation of new building security system including Bluetooth Card Readers, Destination Dispatch Integration, Video Integration, Solo insight visitor management system; Cohesion Building Management Software (part of security system).

 MEP Infrastructure Upgrades – including all new supplemental cooling to all elevator machine rooms; electrical infrastructure upgrades; Code Compliant upgrades to elevator pits, shafts and machine rooms.

Project Details

  • Project Type:

    Infrastructure Renovation

  • Client:


  • Completion Date:

    Late 2021

  • Project Size:


  • Location:

    Chicago, Il

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