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77 W Wacker Drive
Cooling Tower Replacement

  • SectorMEP Infrastructure Upgrades
  • LocationChicago, IL
  • Size15,000 SF

The project consisted of replacing 4-existing cooling towers located on the rooftop of the iconic 77 W Wacker Drive office building. The overall project was completed in 2-phases over a 6-month schedule. Successful project coordination was critical to be able to cut the original 24-month schedule by 60%. The DW Hammer Team demolished the existing cooling towers and removed them using the building's freight elevator. The new cooling towers were also built-in-place on the roof versus using the traditional helicopter-lift method. Overall, over $400,000 was saved. The DW Hammer Team was enlisted for further building upgrades including elevator modifications, chiller replacements, turnkey tenant buildouts and more.